Our Rides and Attractions

Check out all the awesome rides, inflatables, haunted house and sideshow alley at the Crown Street Public School Fete 2019! Adults can join in too!

Ride wrist bands can be purchased online or on fete day for $30 per person.

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The Spinning Cup and Saucer

The Cup & Saucer is an all time favourite for all ages.

For two years of age and up.

Cup-Saucer-Ride-Spinning (1).jpg

The Swinging Pirate Ship

Swing across the Seas singing your best sea shanty, but don’t lose your stomach.

For 80cms+ or accompanied with an adult.

Pirate-Ship-Ride-for-Hire (2).jpg

The Turbo Flyers

The Turbo Flyers are an all time favourite. Who doesn’t love a swinging chair ride?!

For two years of age and up.

Turbo-Flyers-Amusement-Ride-for-Hire (1).jpg

The Haunted House

Home to the legendary Doctor Hipster Beetlejuice and his wife, the tale of the Mystery Manor is dark and twisted.  Manic inventions, spooky ghosts, horrifying rumours and much speculation lurk in the Manor's past. 

Prepare yourself; this experience is designed to frighten guests over the age of 5.


The Horizontal Bungee

Get to the end any way you can to beat your friends – just don’t get pulled back before you’ve delivered the winning disc!

Get your parents to cheer you on to win!

For preschool and primary children.


Soccer Shoot Out!

Put your skills to the test and challenge your friends. Shoot the highest score to win the days bragging rights.

For any age and anyone who wants to kick a ball!

Soccer-Shoot-Out-Amusement-Ride-for-Hire (1).jpg

The Inflatable Jurassic Adventure

Go wild in this great adventure inflatable. Plenty to explore, climb and slide.

For preschool and primary school children


The Inflatable Tiger Jumping Castle

Still as fun today as they were years ago! Enjoy the free-spirited jumps across the humps in this traditional jumping castle.

For preschool and primary school children

Tiger-Jumping-Castle-for-Hire (1).jpg

Sideshow Alley Lucky Ducks (additional charge)

Can you catch the lucky ducks?

The game where everyone wins!


Sideshow Alley Laughing Clowns (additional charge)

Laugh along with this classic sideshow game.

Try to get the lucky numbers to win big!